soooooooooooo…. they said we have nothing to worry about… with all the hype of the obvious "2012" thing, but more specifically, the fact that the earth is going through a lot more the past few years is pretty bad.

tell me this doesn’t add up to something?
-note- the stats aren’t as high as past years, but this year isn’t even half way over and already it’s above half the other years.

another thing – the chile earthquake shifted the earth’s axis, and our days are shorter by a fraction of a second, i know not to worry about a fraction of a second, but eventually it adds up… 1/50th of a second is a whole second in just 50 days, a minute in a couple years, and will eventually add up to an hour to a whole day to a couple days, to a week, to a month, to a couple months to half a year, to a whole year (that’s giving the half a second or whatever it is, hundreds of years to take away a whole years worth of time)… i plan on living a long healthy life, so why would i want a day or two taken out of my routine?

no, i’m not being paranoid… frankly, i don’t give a crap. i just wanted to post a question to make people think. SO please don’t put up "omg you’re so dumb" "wow you need to kill yourself" "wtf you believe everything you read" answers.

ten points will go to the person who puts the most thought into their answer… thus, you won’t get 10 points by posting "posting for points" because that’s not going to get you anywhere.
i applaud you dylan, although, you’re a dick… so i have to give you a thumbs down.
gexi… i’ll be with you in hell because i don’t believe in it either LOL and i don’t think the world is gonna end ^^ i’m not into following the rest of the obvious cattle into the cage so we can be slaughtered. but, i don’t believe nothing is going to happen.. i’d rather be undecided because that way whatever happens happens and i can accept it either way.

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