So this year I have taken an interest in keeping up with earthquakes and where/when they are occurring. I’ve been checking this site at least every week if not everyday to keep track of recent earthquakes. A few things have caught my attention in the graph:
-Over the past few months I’ve noticed that there are usually an average of 200 earthquakes at one time on the map and last night I checked it and it jumped to 922, then when I checked it this morning it was up to 1000+….my question is why? and what are your opinions.
-Also, I’ve noticed that the graph never shows an earthquake occurring in Africa. Why is this? I imagine that like every other continent it has to have its share of earthquakes.
-I don’t know if its just me or maybe suddenly the news has decided to show more earthquake articles and such or maybe(although doubtful) I am watching more news than before and I was just never aware that earthquakes were so common. Especially with the earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, Baja California, and etc. Does anybody else find it odd and scary?

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