lol wohoo ike is gone
house is intact
our baranda got jacked though but thats okay
poor marwaha got completely ripped off the roof of the baranda
idk about the roads or my high school im pretty sure both got messed up too
2.9 million people lost power subhanallah we had ours until 2 hours after the eye made landfalll and we JUST got it back
but my dad’s business and my cousin;s house in the more east parts of town dont seem to have been as fortunate 🙁

water is contaminated they say they might shut off water supply but whatever we are prepared for that i think….
a lot of my friends wont have electrivity for 2 weeks idk how we have ours back already but alhamdulilah

ahh thats pretty much it

so ima throw a hurricane party
u can come if u bring something with you
what are u gonna bring?
lol @ falasten hora i feel bad for my baranda more than anything, and the shaheed (marwaha) allah yerhamu 🙁
yeah i live in houston!
and baranda = like a patio area outside
yeah patio/baranda/balcony/same thing except here we call balconies patios

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