I’m having some trouble w/ direct, and indirect objects [grammar]. Could you help me? Can you explain it to me in an easy way to understand?

Some questions:
Identify if the bold faced word as Direct Object [DO], Indirect Objects [IO], or none [N

1. A hurricane is a powerful, swirling storm (storm is boldfaced)
2. Meteoroligists watched a big storm carefully (storm)
3. Newscasters gave their listeners warnings about the hurricane.(listeners)
4. The hurricane struck land in the morning. (land)
5. The hurricane winds swirled around the eye of the storm. (storm)
6. The hurrican caused huge waves. (waves)
7. The waves produced widespread floods. (floods)
8. The floodwaters destroyed many people’s property. (property)
9. Television newscasts showed their audiences pics of the storm. (audiences)
10. Volunteers sent the hurricane victims emergency supplies. (victims)

Thanks, if you don’t want to answer the q’s, s’ok, but pleaseee explain it to me clearly.

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