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Is nuclear waste reactive in any way? Would the extreme heat of a volcano make any reaction? What would be a problem with storing the waste in a(n active) volcano? Would the vapors become toxic? Of course if it exploded it would be a disaster but we have volcanoes that are less active than others.

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I have heard there have been earthquakes non stop in the southern hemisphere, maybe a supervolcano or a super explosion is about to happen down there, remember the earthquakes in Chile, southeastern asia, and Peru, well, I guess those were the signs…this volcano Llaima in Chile just erupted today? Could that also happen in Alaska or Yellowstone? Could these volcanos be getting to ready to explode to balance global warming? Bring the world temperature back to normal?

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How much damage did this cause? Which volcano is most likely is erupt next?

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I'm writing a novel and there's a volcano in it. I'm trying to figure out how the volcano can erupt while the town remains intact. A dusting of ashes and a couple of burned buildings are acceptable, but I don't want to completely decimate the town and I want most of the locals to survive.

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I've heard and been reading a lot about the Taal Volcano in Talisay. This sounds like a great adventure to do!

I want to go on the Taal Volcano tour really early in the morning (7am) and was wondering what is the best way to go about doing this? I would need to factor in commuting from Manila and I do not have a car!

First question would be, how do I find transportation from Manila to Taal? Is it possible to rent a car and hire a driver for this early morning adventure? Do you have any recommendations on which car company to hire? How long of a drive is it from Manila to Talisay?

Second question, should I just spend the day at Taal Volcano and drive back the same day or spend the night in Talisay?

Third, I'm thinking off using Taal Lake Yacht Club for the tour to Taal Volcano, they have very good reviews (1,200 peso for Banca Ride) Should I go with this group or try some other group?

Thank you all for your help! I really appreciate it!

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My friend has a science project where she has to make a volcano and have it erupt. The trick is that she can't use vinegar and baking soda to make it erupt. The kind of volcano she has to make needs to erupt calmly and kinda of just ooze out, no violent explosions.

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I have to do I report for a science fair on volcanoes, and I was wondering, what is the tallest volcano in the world?

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can anyone give me any proverb or a statement on volcanoes???i need it for highlighting my topic.

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We just visited the volcano at Villarica, Chile. The volcano was completely covered in snow and ice but the surrounding mountains- even those of similar height- were not. How is it that the volcano is cold enough on the outside? It doesn't seem to make sense.

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On the National Geographic Channel, a park ranger labeled the Yellow Stone volcano as a hotspot-volcano. Most volcanoes over hot spots are shield volcanoes, like the Hawaiian Islands. However, Yellow Stone acts like a composite volcano. In addition, if it is in deed hotspot-volcano, then shouldn't there be other dormant volcanoes following the shift of the tectonic plate?

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