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Which is more powerful?

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Only in southeast asia, (Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore) with dates if possible. I need 20, thanks for any help! (:

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why does the Earth suffer from Tidal Waves?

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Like Tornado chasers, how popular is the sport of Tsunami surfing? Is it possible to ride a wave clear across an ocean if caught early enough?
Wow, I thought I had an original idea here, but many ppl beat me to the question. Oh well, still worth 10 points to someone.

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when it is and should i be ready for it and not to go school?
i don’t want to leave my family during an earthquake.

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Ok in my high school cooking class a culinary student made a Japanese dish. It had shredded cucumber carrots and I think zucchini. It was all shredded and all the water squeezed out but not exactly squeezed out. And of course there was some stuff mixed in with the vegetables that was white it looked like coleslaw we ate it on a Ritz cracker. What she called it sound like the word tsunami and I really want to know what it is?? So if any one is Japanese and think you know what I am describing PLEASE HELP

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Besides Pearl Harbor and the huge tsumani in 1946. thanks!

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and even argue that a tsunami is the same as a tidal wave, but is this? A tidal wave looks very weak compared to a tsunami in terms of destructive powers and distance of flow. Please explain and give me some references. I am from the Philippines and a tsunami might hit us a few hours from now. Thanks.

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Because as I look back in 2011 tsumani clouds in Birmingham April 27 January tornadoes hot winters and then I have a teacher that’s worrys my mind about the stuff she talks , and then they say 2012 is a postive year of change . Will I be fine In 2012 cause I’m only 13. So please let me know not to be worryed

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A tsunami saved the Greek village of Potidaea from Persian invaders in winter 479 BC, a German study said Thursday, warning that the area remains prone to earthquakes.

New geological evidence suggests that the region could still face tsunami events like the one that drowned hundreds of Persian invaders as they lay siege to the ancient Greek village many centuries ago, according to Klaus Reicherter of Aachen University in Germany and his colleagues.


Sediment on the northern Greek peninsula where Potidaea, and its modern counterpart Nea Potidea, is located showed signs of massive marine events, such as large waves, the study said.

And excavations in the suburbs of the nearby ancient city of Mende uncovered a high-energy level dating back to the fifth century BC that contained far older sea shells likely plucked from the ocean bed and tossed about during a tsunami.

The event was previously described by Greek historian Herodotus.

Reicherter said the study’s findings suggested that the Thermaic Gulf where the peninsula is located — a densely populated area that is also a tourist destination — should be included in Greece’s tsunami-prone regions.

He was due to present his research Thursday at the annual meeting of the Seismological Society of America in San Diego, California. [AFP]

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