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How do you find out? Is a warning just letting you know there might be a tornado, or that there WILL be a tornado??
Whats the delay between a warning and the tornado hitting?

Im English. And i love tornadoes 🙂

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I know there is a word for a forming tornado, its not a tornado yet cause it hasn’t touched the ground. Does anyone know the word?

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My thought is that the heat of the lightning would cause the tornado to swell a bit and then disipate.
As I understand it, the rearanging of positive and negative charges takes time. This could occur over a period of time with the posibility of a tornado passing under it.

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Would the tornado make the volcano erupt? Has this ever happened before?

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Does it really work, or would the tornado suck me out from under it?

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Oh, and you have a huge oak tree over your home. We have had a couple of tornadoes before, but none have ever hit our home. At the present, we are under a tornado watch which will likely turn into a warning soon since a tornado has been spotted 30 miles away. What do you do when you do not have a basement, and there is a chance of a large tree falling on your home in the event of a Tornado?

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Well a tornado is coming! And I don’t know what to do.I live in a apartment.I live in the 2nd floor.We have no basements,or go downstairs because we can’t.So I don’t know where to go. Please Help Me!

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Well I’m in Belleville Michigan (Wayne county), and we’re getting flood and tornado warnings. Well all of my family is since we all live in Milan, Plymouth, and cities around that. I was just wondering if you were getting storms, warnings or anything like that, wherever you are. I understand if I don’t get a lot of answers because most people are taking cover. Please no rude comments, I’m just curious and wondering if that is happening to states around Michigan. And if you are getting any bad weather, I hope you get through it safely, as well as your friends and family.

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How does tornado affect the 4 spheres of earth??

the 4 spheres are:

Lithosphere (Rock)

Hydrosphere (Water)

Atmosphere (Air)

Biosphere (Living and Dead things).

n im asking how tornado effects them, n im researching for my task to make a magazine articlee. i need to know info about it buts its hard to finddd so please write with effort, i will give 5 stars

thanks !

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And wat R we under?? A tornado watch or tornado warning?
And wat am I under I live in Deactur TX 76234

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