The World-Wide Earthquake Locator aims to provide up-to-date information and detailed dynamic maps of earthquakes across the world within a maximum of 24 hours of their occurence. This web site also includes a database of past earthquakes, an animation of the past month’s earthquakes, and statistical earthquake prediction.

The World-Wide Earthquake Locator was originally developed by Bruce Gittings of the School of GeoScience at the University of Edinburgh in 1995 and it became an early illustration of a real-time Geographical Information System which makes use the internet World-Wide Web and the internet to map dynamic phenomena.

The Locator takes data from the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC), part of the US Geological Survey, based in Golden, Colorado (USA). This data provides basic information about the location of recent earthquakes and their strength within hours of the events taking place

The World Earthquake locator