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Is this serious, will it get bigger?

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Don’t know what caused it, if bed was too heavy for room but there is a 4 inches crack now between wall and floor. If the bed was to heavy for room, they don’t pay? But how do you know of bed is to heavy? What if it was a little earth quake?

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A tsunami saved the Greek village of Potidaea from Persian invaders in winter 479 BC, a German study said Thursday, warning that the area remains prone to earthquakes.

New geological evidence suggests that the region could still face tsunami events like the one that drowned hundreds of Persian invaders as they lay siege to the ancient Greek village many centuries ago, according to Klaus Reicherter of Aachen University in Germany and his colleagues.


Sediment on the northern Greek peninsula where Potidaea, and its modern counterpart Nea Potidea, is located showed signs of massive marine events, such as large waves, the study said.

And excavations in the suburbs of the nearby ancient city of Mende uncovered a high-energy level dating back to the fifth century BC that contained far older sea shells likely plucked from the ocean bed and tossed about during a tsunami.

The event was previously described by Greek historian Herodotus.

Reicherter said the study’s findings suggested that the Thermaic Gulf where the peninsula is located — a densely populated area that is also a tourist destination — should be included in Greece’s tsunami-prone regions.

He was due to present his research Thursday at the annual meeting of the Seismological Society of America in San Diego, California. [AFP]

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More than 200 people were killed and hundreds more feared dead on Monday after an earthquake struck parts of southeast Turkey, where rescue teams worked through the night to try to free survivors crying for help from under rubble.
Survivors and emergency service workers searched frantically through mounds of smashed concrete and other debris with shovels and their bare hands after the 7.2 magnitude quake toppled buildings and some roads on Sunday.
Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin said the quake had killed 120 people in the town and 100 more in the city of Van, some 100 km (60 miles) further south. The toll was expected to rise.
Sahin, who is overseeing emergency operations in Ercis, said 1,090 people had been wounded while hundreds more were unaccounted for.
Rescue efforts were hampered by power outages after the quake brought down power cables to towns and villages across much of the barren Anatolian steppe near the Iranian border.
As dawn broke the scale of devastation was clear.
Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said there were an unknown number of people unaccounted for under the collapsed buildings of the stricken towns, and he feared the worst for villagers living in outlying rural areas, who had yet to be reached.
“Because the buildings are made of adobe, they are more vulnerable to quakes. I must say that almost all buildings in such villages are destroyed,” Erdogan told a televised news conference in Van on Monday shortly after midnight.
More than 100 aftershocks have jolted the region in the hours since the quake struck for around 25 seconds at 1041 GMT (6:41 a.m. EDT) on Sunday.
U.N Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said he was deeply saddened by the loss of life and devastation. “He expresses his heartfelt sympathies to the government and people of Turkey at this time of loss and suffering,” the United Nations said in a statement.
In Van, a bustling and ancient city on a lake ringed by snow-capped mountains and with a population of one million, cranes shifted rubble off a collapsed six-storey apartment block where bystanders said 70 people were trapped.
Erdogan visited Ercis earlier by helicopter to assess first hand the scale of the disaster. With 55 buildings flattened, including a student dormitory, the level of destruction in Ercis, a town of 100,000, was greater than in Van.
“We don’t know how many people are in the ruins of collapsed buildings, it would be wrong to give a number,” he said.
Newspapers said trauma had been piled on trauma in southeast Turkey. Kurdish militants killed 24 Turkish soldiers in an attack last week in Hakkari, south of Van.
“Homeland of Pain. Yesterday terrorism, today earthquake,” said Radikal newspaper.
The Red Crescent said a team of about 100 expert personnel had arrived at the earthquake zone to coordinate operations. Some 4,000 tents and 11,000 blankets, stoves and food were being distributed to help fight off the cold.
At Van airport, a large Turkish Airlines cargo plane was offloading aid materials, which military vehicles were waiting to transport to the quake zone.
A tent city was being set up at the Ercis sports stadium. Access to the region was made more difficult as the earthquake caused the partial collapse of the main road between Van and Ercis, broadcaster CNN Turk reported.
Soldiers were deployed in Ercis to help rescuers and digging machines had also arrived to help. There was a constant wail of ambulance sirens ferrying the injured to hospitals.
Dogan news agency reported that 24 people were pulled from the rubble alive in the two hours after midnight.
One nurse told CNN Turk news channel the town’s hospital was so badly damaged that staff were treating injured in the garden, and bodies were being left outside the building,
After visiting the quake zone, Erdogan returned to Ankara, where he is expected to chair a cabinet meeting to discuss the response to the disaster.
He said Turkey was able to meet the challenge itself, but thanked countries offering help, including Armenia and Israel, two governments that have strained relations with Ankara.

October 24, 2011

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June 13 2011
Short Review

Christchurch was hit with aftershocks on June 13, as a series of tremors rocked New Zealand’s second- biggest city.

According to the RMS Reactions Catastrophe Centre, a 5.2 (body wave) magnitude earthquake struck at 01:00 UTC, and was followed by a stronger 6.0 (moment) magnitude earthquake within an hour and a half.

A further earthquake, of 4.6 (body wave) magnitude, struck at 02:40 UTC. According to reports, this resulted in a temporary closure of the airport followed by power outage to up to 56,000 users in addition to flooding and liquefaction.

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Just curious if atheist carry insurance like flood or earth quake -since these are considered an act of God. If they do how to they justify making these purchases?

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stalking on cell phones….
WTF?? civilians now have access to the government program which allows them to listen to cell phone conversations, ability to read texts messaged, and Even view the caller thru the camera on the phone, GPS your exact location. scare

all these earth quakes,
the end of the world approaching. all bible prophecy’s coming true.
chile, hatie, turky who will be hit next
economic crisis ( resssion ), swine flue ( many people have died from it )
war on worlds, kingdom’s crashing

tsunami’s what if the government is making these chemical reactions happen? what if they are purposely adding fresh water to out salt water? what if there are doing nuclear testing in antartica making green house effect worse due to radioactive exposure? or what if they are going to parts of the world where people can’t live to do these test?

what if the government is watching people thru thier tv’s satilite connections, all tv’s had to go digital why??? what is the real reason heind that huh???
population control ( taxing on health insurance ) people being denied ins if they are not a citizen so disease spreads people die and population is control ed.

got so many other theory’
s but if i keep writing them here my crazy worries and pondering won’t be read.

explain if anybody can. feed back appreciated

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I am 55 years old, disabled with early onset alzheimer’s disease, seizures, panic disorder, degenerating disc disease in my back, plus a multitude of other ailments. I ask God all the time when I will be done down here. This life has been terrible for me and I don’t want to do it anymore. They say he don’t give you more than you can handle but, I can’t handle this. Does that mean that god is trying to push me to the limit? I left my house of 23 yrs back in Feb. 09 to live with my sister when her husband died. I could only stand it for 4 months. The drugs and alcohol and all the emotional roller coaster ride thing drove me away. I told her I was leaving and it got violent. She has always been a very angry person and I have always been passive. She was beating on me and I did not hit her back. She had called her son and told him she wanted him to set me out, he came right over. He threw me to the floor and then a little later he tried to block her from coming at me again and hit her in the eye, she got up and he did it again. She called the police and they arrested me because she looked worse than I did. The charges were dismissed but still sit on my record. I had rented my house out to a family and their lease wasn’t up until feb. 2010. They vacated on 02-05-10 and handed over the keys. I go into my house and literally everything was destroyed. There are mice, bed bugs, and roaches everywhere. The exterminator was quite costly but, it had to be done. The house I can handle. It will take time but, it is not anything I haven’t done before. Carpet ripped, heavily soiled by animals, dug up in places. All doors are ruined, wooden and storm doors. Plumbing and fixtures in bathroom and kitchen are all non-functional or leaking. Furnace won’t stay running. They blew up my stove and threw it away without telling me anything. They left their stove and the electronics won’t work, I think because of the roach crap on the circuit board. They broke parts of the refrigerator but, it does still work. It stinks to high heaven though. The microwave looks like they housed a gerbil in it and then blew it up in there. I haven’t tried to see if it works. I had a new washer that I used maybe 5 times and a 1 yr old dryer and a dehumidifier in the basement. None of them work. The chimney looks like someone took a hammer to it. All the window blinds were obliterated and disgusting. The ceiling fans are heavily caked and dangling. All the telephone jacks in the house don’t work. The technician said it looked like they had tried to hook something up and ruined it all. I wonder now if I am going to have electrical problems when I do move back in. Leaving it is not an option as I am on soc. sec. disability and can’t afford much. I get only 7 and the house payment is 0 and the rent on the little one bedroom apt, where I am at currently, is 5. OH GOD, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO. I AM SO OVERWHELMED AND HELPLESS. ALL I DO IS CRY. Is there anyone out there that wants to help? sbrobst143 at Please somebody help me. If I could get the house back in order and have appliances that work I could recover and in 2 more months the house payment will drop down to 4. I don’t know how I am going to pay this months house payment. The damages have soaked up all the money I have and it hasn’t even started to look any better. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, SOMEBODY HELP ME. I DO HAVE INSURANCE WITH NATIONWIDE BUT, NOTHING NOT ONE THING IS COVERED BECAUSE, "THE DAMAGE WASN’T BECAUSE OF A NATURAL OCCURRENCE LIKE A LIGHTENING STRIKE, FLOOD, EARTH QUAKE".Their claims adjuster looked directly into my red, wet eyes and told me this without any expression at all. He said he would send me a letter of denial.

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Do you believe in God?

Can you prove that God was responsible for this disaster?


God hasn’t caused the earth ozone layer to shrink, or the atmosphere to become polluted, or the trees to be destroyed. Do you know who is responsible for all the earth disasters.

Even some Catholic Cardinals say "its an act of God" To illustrate: While visiting San Pedro Sacatepéquez the Friday after the quake a man pawing through the remains of his home dejectedly told me: “This is punishment from God, because we have been very bad people.”
Where, you may wonder, did he and many others of these humble hardworking people get such an idea? The next day it became apparent. The Catholic Cardinal of Guatemala, Mario Casariego, said, as quoted in the country’s principal newspaper:
“In these moments of great calamities to the people, the teaching of the Holy Scriptures comes to mind: God loves and because he loves, he corrects, sets straight and awakens. . . . Haven’t we resisted so much that we have obligated God to work in this way?” Then he added that helping to rebuild the Cathedral and other destroyed churches would “be the symbol of an authentic and personal return to God.”—El Imparcial, February 7, 1976, page 6.

*** Awake 1976 5/8 p. 9 Earthquake Devastates Guatemala ***

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San Francisco: The Great Quake
The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was an occurrence of mostly pure tragedy in history. It was one of the most significant earthquakes of all time. Happening at precisely 5:12 AM on April 18, 1906, this was a devastating event that definitely would not be forgotten for many years to come. In the following paragraphs you will hear about some of the many horrible events of this time, and even a few of the good things that happened because of it.
But, what is an earthquake? An earthquake is a tremor, or shaking, of the Earths surface. The tremor is caused by movement of the fault lines located in the Earths crust. The tremors send out seismic waves, or shock waves, which are what we usually feel and call an earthquake.
In 1935, Charles Richter, a seismologist from America, developed a scale that measures the moment magnitude of seismic waves. This device is called the Richter scale. It records data on a scale from one through nine, the strength of the number being ten times more powerful than the one right before it. Most seismologists say that anything over a seven point magnitude is thought of as a pretty severe earthquake. According to the measurements of this scale the San Francisco earthquake came in as a seven point eight.
A foreshock, or a smaller earthquake that comes before a larger one, had occurred about twenty to twenty five seconds before the actual earthquake. Violent shocks and strong shaking lasted forty five to sixty seconds during the actual earthquake. When the earth started to move the shaking was so extravagant it was felt as far north as southern Oregon, as far south as south Los Angeles, and even as far inland as central Nevada.
The earthquake was caused by a rupture on the San Andreas fault which runs from the Salton Sea to Cape Mendocino, a distance of about eight hundred miles (one thousand two hundred eighty seven kilometers). The earthquake had ruptured along the fault for two hundred ninety six miles. The main shock epicenter was located offshore about two miles, or three kilometers, from the city.
The earthquake had not caused damage just by the strong shaking it had also started fires. It was estimated that up to ninety percent of the total destruction and damage was caused by fires. The fires were caused by things such as broken gas lines somehow catching fire, forest fires caused by campfires set by refugees, and quite a few of them were arson. Some people were even that desperate that they would set fire to their own homes so they could collect more money from insurance companies that did not cover earthquake damage but actually did cover fires. This also led to millions of dollars in debt for the insurance companies, but the insurance companies were not the only ones in debt the entire city was in debt! We’ll see to that later.
Some of the smaller fires in the downtown area actually combined to make one inferno, or a very big fire. To make things even worse in many parts of the city water mains had been destroyed and broken from the effects of the earthquake giving firefighters limited resources to put out the fires. As a result the fires lasted for four days and four nights. Over five hundred blocks of the downtown area of the city were destroyed from the fire.
Troops were immediately put into action and had arrived by seven o‘clock AM. But by the time they had got there, the fires caused by the quake had grown much larger than what they were just a few hours before. In order to put out the fire the San Francisco Fire Department, General Fredrick Funston (the leader of the troops), and the troops themselves came up with and idea that called for dynamite. This idea was that all of them would blow up and bomb buildings in a way that was creating more fires but also creating a ring of ruins around the fires. Sometimes it worked, other times it did not. But eventually those three groups got to putting out the fires once and for all.
Mayor Schmitz later allowed police, vigilante patrols, and military troops to shoot any looters that they saw raiding homes and/or businesses. Because of this outrageous event about five hundred people were shot and killed.
Due to the poor building standards of the time, many homes had been completely destroyed by both the fire and the earthquake. Some people say that the greatest losses of the earthquake were the ones in which some scientific laboratories were completely destroyed by the fire. In fact Alice Eastwood, the Curator of Botany at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, had been known for discovering fifteen hundred rare species of molecules and atoms, but sadly a very large percentage of her studies and specimens were lost in the great quake and fire. The rebuilding of the town had cost over five hundred million dollars in 1906 money, which is equal to five billion ten million dollars in today’s money.
Between two hundred twenty five thousand and three hundred thousand of the four hundred ten thousand people living in San Francisco at the time were left homeless. These people were told to stay in camps in the bay area. The army had built five thousand six hundred ten wooden houses to hold twenty thousand people. The houses were spread across eleven camps. Displaced people would pay two dollars per month to stay in these houses until their homes were rebuilt. The people that did not stay in the camps were better off to live with family members who were nearby until their homes were finished.
The city’s rebuilding took a period of about ten years. By that time the city had been almost completely rebuilt. The people of the highest power in the city wanted to rebuild the city as quick and soon as possible so they would be able to start selling newly built houses and open more new businesses to bring in more money to the city, but since the city was in such a rush to rebuild itself the cities building standards had actually been lowered instead of being raised. Because of this poorly planned rebuild, if another earthquake happened the damage and expense would be worse and higher than the what it was for the 1906 earthquake.
One question commonly asked is, Can it Happen Again? I did some of research and came up with these facts, the answer is yes, it definitely could happen again because San Francisco is very close to the San Andreas Fault, and also because the main epicenter of the 1906 earthquake was located only 2 miles off shore from the city itself. Many scientists have estimated that if another earthquake between a level of six point magnitude to a level of eight point magnitude had occurred the epicenter would very close to the one from the 1906 quake.
The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was an occurrence of mostly pure tragedy in history. It was one of the most significant earthquakes of all time. Happening at precisely 5:12 AM on April 18, 1906, this was a devastating event that definitely would not be forgotten for many years to come. In the following paragraphs you will hear about some of the many horrible events of this time, and even a few of the good things that happened because of it.
But, what is an earthquake? An earthquake is a tremor, or shaking, of the Earths surface. The tremor is caused by movement of the fault lines located in the Earths crust. The tremors send out seismic waves, or shock waves, which are what we usually feel and call an earthquake.
In 1935, Charles Richter, a seismologist from America, developed a scale that measures the moment magnitude of seismic waves. This device is called the Richter scale. It records data on a scale from one through nine, the strength of the number being ten times more p

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