the main god of the Minoan civilization was the (blank) Goddess (6 letters)

The Dorian period of the time in Greek history is known as the ( 7 letters)

Because of their strong navy,Crete cities were not (blank) against invaders ( 9 letters)

Greece has few (6 letters)

Much of the Greek history has been influence by its ( 9 letters and starts with a g)

Minoan comes from the name king(5 letters)

Around 1200 b.c., the Mycenaean civilization was started to decline. Several reason given by the scholars are:1)earthquakes and 2) internal (blank) between the city states ( 3 letters )

Because archaeologist have found few weapons or pictures decicting wars scholars believe the Minoans were not (blank)-(blank) people ( 7 letters )

Thera is an island (blank) miles north of Crete ( 7 letters)

The great palace at ( blank) was the most famous on Crete ( 7letters)

The Dorians were (blank) people and did not like cities ( 8 letters)

Greece is the crossroad of (blank) Asia and Europe ( 6 letters and starts with an a)

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