Society is seeking to destroy itself and mother nature is striking back from the centuries of abuse we have given her. The authorities, governments, organizations wring their hands and say "how dreadful, we must do something about this" but then turn to solve other problems and invest monies in things such as the war on terrorism. Rather then worrying about how other people see the world and their faith, how about we leave them alone and put in a genuine effort to fix the problems plaguing our Earth! In the end the economy, the different way people view religion, right and wrong and morality; matter not at all when our world is dead, drained of basic resources such as food and oxygen and most of our population lay decimated. Harsh words, and possibly dramatic. Do you honestly believe mother nature is not beginning to strike back and fix the balance? Tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes; the incidence of these things is on the rise- without giving mention to the corrupt state of our governments and the power plays there in, the decline of society and the undermining of humanities faith, whether that be the christian god, buddha or any other faith. Please, does anyone out there see my point of view? You, me, the next door neighbor? Give it 100 years and we’ll be dead so what do we really matter? Humanity is only one species on this Earth, and its only us that says we are the superior beings. The Earth is not for us alone, but for all life. Lets say damn the oil companies, damn the mining companies and all the other big companies that buy our governments and corrupt our civilization for their own ends because if we continue the way we are; your dollar isn’t going to get you a damn thing! Damn the economy and save the environment!

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