No one is responding to my previous question so I decided to ask this other question, which is almost certain to generate more attention. I think there are more earthquakes lately. Now on a similar note, here’s my previous question:

Okay, I’m a little bit of an earthquake nut, and I visit the USGS website at least once a day, to check out all the most recent seismic activity. Recently I noticed some discrepancies on their "Earthquake Facts and Statistics" page, here:…

Under the 2010 column, about a week ago I think it was, the numbers had been changed. Under the 8.0+ column, it showed 2 instead of just 1. That’s what caught my attention. I knew there had only been the 8.8 in Chile this year, no others. I checked the big list for the year just to be sure, and there was just that one. Then I noticed all the other numbers under the 2010 column were different too. It was really strange. By the next day it had been fixed, but then a couple days later it was back to those same bogus numbers again (then fixed again the next day).

Has anyone else ever noticed this happening, or perhaps have any explanation for how this happened?
43 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer.

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