Or does it just appear that way? Is it normal for earthquakes to happen in series like this?

I’ve looked on the USGS site and I can see that earthquakes happen every day but how does this year (and last year) stand up to past years?

I haven’t always been up on world news but now I am very into the news…so I’m not sure if it’s just that I didn’t notice it in the past.

BTW, I know there are other places to ask this but I normally get good activity/answers here. 🙂
I think it is easier to blow this off because there is nothing anyone can do to stop an earthquake or tsunami. I discovered after the earthquake in Haiti (right after the earthquake in Eureka) by looking through the earthquake reports that earthquakes do happen everyday. However, I also feel that this is something that you would have to calculate. The information is there for the public, it’s just a matter of who is willing to sort through it and compare it previous years. I don’t have time to do that because I only have a computer at work.


I don’t think it’s the end of the world but I do think our Earth is shifting and changing. Those of us who are fortunate to survive this shifting are going to really enjoy the new Earth.

I am not a "gloom and doom" kind of person but I live in SF, it is very realistic that a big one might hit here in the near future. I feel that something is up with the world.

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