There is no mention in the media that at the center of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Baja California and over 2000 aftershocks there is a geothermal power plant.

Look at this map, do you see a problem here?
Thank you top contributor, the San Andreas Fault’s southern end is at Salton Sea, no where near the geothermal plant.
There is a big difference between slightly increasing a trace gas to drilling into and pumping massive amounts off water into a plate boundary.
There is also large amounts of heat being release in a lake and into the atmosphere.
All the time.

The magnitude 7.2 earthquake that jolted northern Mexico and Southern California yesterday afternoon was the first big earthquake to occur on this particular fault system since 1892, scientists say.
Once again the San Andreas fault does not go into Mexico, it ends at Salton Sea. The southern end is most famous for not being active for over 300 years.
Call Cal State Los Angeles and tell them they are wrong.

The San Andreas Fault stretches 600 miles from the Mendocino Escarpment in northern California to the Salton Sea in southern California. It was discovered after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake when geologists found a rupture extending for 270 miles.

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