I’m doing a virtual project for my physics class involving shipping disaster relief items (mine being a water tank to Tanzania). I’m not too familiar with all of the different kinds of aircrafts and such, but I’m pretty much trying to find a cargo aircraft that has a cargo door (I’m more than positive that’s incorrect terminology) bigger than 12 x 20" and can hold, at the MOST, 48,000 lbs. Kind of difficult for me. So, if anyone has any websites and/or information on what kind of aircraft I should be looking for, or any specific aircraft reccomendations, let me know.
Thanks :]
NOTE// Sorry I didn’t mention this, but I’m not allowed to use helicopters. Which, I think, doesn’t make too much sense.. but whatever.
Oh, and after browsing a few of the suggested aircraft I figured out that it’s going to be nearly impossible to find a plane that has a big enough cargo door, yet has that small of a maximum weight. I believe as long as I have a valid argument as to why the max. weight for my plane is so high, my teacher won’t have too much of a problem with it. I’ll just have to increase the number of water tanks I’m carrying or something of that nature. Thanks :].

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